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Home is where the smart is – why UK corporates are still opting for Virtual Events for employees

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There’s no doubt that technology has been the star of the show whilst we were in lockdown. Work automation software and time-keeping tools have helped to keep us productive while working remotely – along with new methods of communication. Over the past year and a half we’ve seen a huge rise in Virtual Events across the board, including Virtual Wine Tasting Events!

On the Face of it

Throughout the last year and a half, one thing companies couldn’t do without is video technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These essential tools allowed us to hold face to face meetings and conferences even when it wasn’t possible to be in the same room.

In the UK, July 19th became known as ‘Freedom Day’ when the last of the government restrictions were lifted, moving us towards something close to normality. This included the re-opening of venues such as conference facilities, which had been closed for the duration of the pandemic.

Despite the giddy sense of euphoria surrounding ‘Freedom Day’ not everybody was convinced. For many, very little had changed. Particularly within corporate businesses, with many companies having to decide whether to continue remotely for various reasons. However, lockdown did open a lot of people’s eyes regarding the popularity and potential for virtual events.

Virtual Wine Tasting Events

During the peak of lockdown, face to face socialising became a distant memory. Employee get-togethers, christmas parties and catch ups all went virtual. Bosses and business owners began to use video conferencing tools to keep employees connected. With online events ranging from simple drink and chat evenings to more elaborate and immersive activities. 

An increasingly popular form of event is the virtual wine tasting experience. These events see employees or delegates receive a selection of wine, nibbles and tasting notes to enjoy. Club Vino have since stepped in to this market. With events hosted by expert sommelier, Marco Castelanneli. Those who attend receive a hand-picked selection of wines and cheeses, finishing things off with an interactive quiz. The evenings give teams the chance to enjoy some quality entertainment together no matter how far apart they are. Helping to keep the human factor alive in the digital age.

Marco hosting virtual wine tasting
What you can expect from a Club Vino Virtual Wine Tasting Event with Marco Castelanelli.

Why are Virtual Events still so popular?

As we emerge from the pandemic, a significant number of companies are opting to continue holding employee events virtually. We’ve broken down why this is in to four sections.

Cost – For business owners, hosting a virtual event is considerably more cost-effective than organising a traditional one. Business owners don’t have the cost of hiring a venue or paying for multiple staff. Attendees also save on the cost of transport to and from the venue. After all, a journey from the bedroom to the living room costs nothing!

Convenience – During a series of UK lockdowns, studies show that people are less keen to go out and socialise. More people are now preferring to stay at home. One reason for this is that a lot of people remain cautious when it comes to going out and about. Thankfully, Virtual Events offer people the perfect solution for a safe, relaxed social event. 

Time – Previously, employees have complained about events being held in venues far from their homes. This meant that commuting too and from events could become time consuming. Virtual events don’t involve any travel and can usually be kept to a shorter timeline, allowing employees to choose how to spend the rest of their evening. Providing more freedom to teams across the board.

Environment – These days, business owners are increasingly aware of the impact their business is having on the environment. Many business owners are now working renewable methods in to their strategy, always thinking up new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing travel and the use of other energy resources can significantly help with this.

A taste of things to come

Going forward, it’s clear that the real freedom for UK businesses comes from the technology available to us, thanks to technology like video software. Wine tasting experiences offer a fun and sophisticated way of bringing employees together while allowing them to travel the world through their tastebuds without even having to pack a suitcase. It will be interesting to see what future technologies can offer with a view to virtual events.

An enjoyable evening, on your own or with company.

About Club Vino

Founded in 2019, Club Vino provides exemplary corporate hospitality for between 2 and 200 people through its wine tasting experiences. Led by international Sommelier, Marco Castelanelli, Club Vino’s wine tasting experiences include quality wines from independent vineyards, artisan food pairings and a 5 star service. They host virtual and in person events in your office of venue of choice. If you would like to speak to us about organising a virtual event, please get in touch or drop us an email at

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