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The Perfect Dinner Party Wine and Food Pairings

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Club Vino is usually about wine and food pairings. Well, today that’s what we’re talking about. Helping you to get the most out of both every bottle and every dish, as well as maybe impressing the guests at your next dinner party! The wines listed below can all be found in our mixed collection, hand-picked by our sommelier Marco Castelanelli. 

Our Sommelier, Marco, enjoying a drop of vino.

Champagne Brut, Marie Copinet, Montgenost, France

Opening a bottle of champagne can be a great ceremony that brings your guests together at the start of the evening. This is one of the reasons Marco suggests serving a glass of this fizz as the apéritif at your next get-together. Because, who doesn’t love the sound of a cork popping as the festivities commence? This bottle offers a subtle taste initially, then opening out to reveal a very gratifying maturity. The finish is well-balanced and marked by notes of ripe wheat, apple pie and fresh crusty bread! This wine pairs fantastically with the finer things in life, caviar, calamari, oysters, and smoked salmon – All of which make for delicious canapé components, perfect for getting the party started. If you’re looking for a cheese to go with a glass of this Champagne, then we’d recommend a creamy ripe cheese such as brie or camembert.

Prosecco Doc Extra Dry, San Giuseppe, Veneto, Italy

Prosecco wine - Recommended to pair with sea food.

Another bottle to consider as a welcome drink or maybe one to serve with your starters, is the Prosecco Treviso Extra Dry by San Giuseppe. This drop is a beautiful sparkling wine – made with Glera grapes from the Treviso province. Marco recommends pairing a glass or two of this wine with a light fish dish, such as cod or sea bass. When it comes to seafood, Prosecco helps to mirror the cool light tones of the fish. Alternatively, cold cuts of meat such as Porchetta, Pastrami or Pancetta compliment this bottle beautifully. When it comes to cheeses though, Parmigiano Reggiano makes for a gourmet tasting experience, bringing you a real taste of true Italian culture. 

Riesling 2016, Pewsey Vale, Eden Valley, Australia

Now you know what goes well with the bubbles, let’s move on to the white wine. This bottle of Riesling provides the palette with a great length and depth with grapefruit and lime, fresh rosemary, white pepper and a hint of tropical fruit. Leaving you with a fresh natural acidity which balances the flavour intensity. Riesling is an exceptionally versatile wine with regards to pairing, working well with any dishes from pork, to chicken, to seafood. We’ve found pairing this bottle with Truffle Chicken & Potato Gratin is a winning combination, making for a truly sublime dining experience. The versatility of Riesling is the gift that keeps on giving, as you can also pair this bottle with spicy Asian food, such as Kung Pao Chicken, providing a guaranteed one-way ticket to flavour town.

Chablis 2018, Domaine Du Colombier, Burgundy, France

Chablis wine. Recommended to pair with creamy food like Risotto.

A second white wine that’s perfect for such an occasion is a bottle of this 2018 Chablis. This is an extremely quaffable wine, providing soft tropical notes that cut through great acidity and plenty of mineral character. Along with some slightly creamy notes and a drop of honey. Similarly to the Riesling, Marco Describes this bottle as an “all round player”. Again working well with a range of seafood and chicken dishes such as Chicken Tarragon or Clam Chowder for example. Due to the creamy notes found in this wine, we can also recommend drinking alongside a plate of creamy risotto, potatoes dauphinoise or cream of broccoli soup. These Chablis wine and food pairings ought to rock your world and wow your tastebuds, so take your pick!

Enrico T Malbec 2014, Bodega Tittatarelli, Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec Wine - Recommended to pair with Steak or other food like lamb and chicken.

Red wine, oh yes, it’s fine. This bottle is a powerhouse of a Malbec and when paired with the right food you’re in for a lovely time. The palate starts with fresh fruit, followed by stewed fruit and a triumph of vanilla and spices. When choosing a pairing, this wine cries out for a succulent steak. Whilst also going remarkably well with a decent cut of lamb or some freshly grilled poultry. If you’re a fan of a home steak night, we’d suggest checking out our Steak your Claim wine bundle. Where you can find a hand-picked selection of outstanding red wines.

Barbera La Caplana 2017, Guido Natalino, Piedmont, Italy

Barbera Wine. Recommended food pairing of rich pasta dishes.

Barbera is dynamic and full-bodied. With a good balance between freshness and alcohol of good length. This wine pairs well with rich pasta dishes with structured sauces such as ragù or a tasty risotto with porcini mushrooms – yummy! If you’re wanting to wrap your evening up with a cheese board, a glass of this red wine pairs wonderfully with any mature cheeses, such as Manchego, Mature Cheddar or a well-aged Gouda to name just a few examples.

A selection of foods to pair with the wines.

We hope you’ve found this guide to wine and food pairings useful. Hopefully helping to provide some inspiration for your next home cooked meal or wine fuelled soirée! If you’d like to explore our home wine tasting bundles, then please check out our mixed home tasting package and other bundles. All our packages come with access to an online tasting video presented by Marco and printed tasting notes.

The Club Vino Mixed Collection alongside a section of cheeses. Delicious food and wine pairings.
The Club Vino Mixed Collection alongside a selection of cheeses.

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