An exclusive evening of fine wines and fine food.

Sommelier Club

Up to five courses each accompanied by absolutely top quality wine, this is Manchester’s finest wine tasting experience.

You’ll learn about pairing food and wine, you’ll learn about what makes fine wine so very fine and you’ll learn about how to select the very best wines for yourself. When you taste the exclusive wines that Club Vino’s master sommelier, Marco Castelanelli has chosen, you’ll also get a taste for their history, their provenance and their uniqueness. Each one tells a great story…

This is a story you’ll be telling for a long time.

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Bordeaux: noblesse oblige

Two magnificent rivers, châteaux-a-plenty, a grand and beautiful city, bucolic villages, and vines, lots of vines; almost 7,000 wine growers’ vines. That’s Bordeaux – probably the most famous wine region in the world and rightly so: it produces some of the finest wines available. And we’ll be tasting six beautiful reds from this noble region. This specially curated selection will be enhanced by a sumptuous dinner at Manchester’s baby grand hotel: the renowned King Street Townhouse. 


King Street Townhouse
7 pm – 10 pm

A Champagne Supernova

At Club Vino we absolutely love Champagne. There is no other product in the world which can seduce, beguile, promote and inspire you like a glass of well-made Champagne. We are teeming with excitement about our experience:



Great John Street Hotel, Great John St, Manchester M3 4FD

Saturday 1st February 2020

12.30 – 15.30