Tour de France

Location: Marriott Victoria & Albert, Water St, Manchester M3 4JQ

Date: Saturday 8th February 2020

Time: 12.30pm – 15.00pm

Price: £39 per person

It is impossible to think about wine without thinking about France. France is truly a country dedicated to wine, and great wine, at that. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace: all have their traditions, native grapes and regional foods. But what makes France so special? 

In this experience, we’re taking you to a tasting tour of this beautiful country. First, we’re going deep into the underground, dimly lit caves of Champagne to explore our favorite bubbly treat! From there, we’re exploring everywhere from the canals of Colmar in Alsace and the infamous hill of Hermitage, to the Loire Valley, Burgundy, and why not a stop in St.Tropez?

We’ll cover everything from wine laws to classic grape varietals, regions, and more as we taste six typical wines from all over France.

The experience will include:

– A Tour de france of wine
– Welcome drink upon arrival
– Tasting of 6 carefully selected wines accompanied by a perfectly paired Charcuterie board
– Tasting Notes 
– Fun wine quiz to end the evening on a high. 

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