Simonsig Chenin Blanc – South Africa


Simonsig Chenin Blanc
In a light golden hue, the Simonsig Chenin avec Chêne sparkles in the glass. The grapes for this white wine come from Simonsig’s oldest Chenin Blanc vineyard with 35-year-old vines. Already in the bouquet, the wine shows its richness of facets and delights with aromas of citrus blossom and dried peaches, which are underpinned by a hint of honey and undertones of nuts. The fruity notes are also found on the palate, surrounded by a hint of oak, which the white wine owes to its eleven months of ageing in wooden barrels. A fresh acidity and a long-lasting finish successfully round off the taste experience of the Simonsig Chenin avec Chêne. The wine is a wonderful food companion,
Enjoy it with dishes of grilled fish or chicken. But also a spicy cheese is the ideal combination to the Simonsig Chenin avenc Chêne.

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Simonsig is inseparably connected with the term Méthode de Cap Classique, MCC in short. A Méthode de Cap Classique is a sparkling wine that the winemakers have created using the same strict rules and regulations as for a Champagne, but just not in France but on the Cape of South Africa. Simonsig was the first winery in South Africa that produced a MCC and is therefore rightly the home of the MCC of the country. If you visit the winery, definitely have a sip from the tangy, fruity Kaapse Vonkel. Otherwise, the visit just would not be complete.

Right from the beginning, Simonsig had been owned by the Malan family. For over 300 years, the generations have passed on their knowledge and skills onto the next family generation, whilst the younger one always further develops the wines. It is exactly this fact – the traditional estate still being in the hands of one family – that makes the wines so special. In 1971, Simonsig was founder members of the first wine route in South Africa for gourmets worldwide who can now discover the most magnificent delicacies of the country.


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