Bordeaux Noblesse oblige - King Street Town House, Manchester

Location: King Street Town House, Manchester

Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Price: £120 per person


Two magnificent rivers, châteaux-a-plenty, a grand and beautiful city, bucolic villages, and vines, lots of vines; almost 7,000 wine growers’ vines. That’s Bordeaux – probably the most famous wine region in the world and rightly so: it produces some of the finest wines available. And we’ll be tasting six beautiful reds from this noble region. This specially curated selection will be enhanced by a sumptuous dinner at Manchester’s baby grand hotel: the renowned King Street Townhouse.

Although the rich terroir of the region can trace its wine heritage back to Roman times, Bordeaux became popular in England in the 12th Century when Eleanor of Aquitaine, who owned vast tracts of South Western France, married the soon-to-be Henry II of England. Naturally, the English court adopted this new region and it’s been a favourite ever since. We will learn about the history of Bordeaux, the differences between its five classifications and taste the different styles – all accompanied by a five-course gourmet meal. Fine food and fine wine – is there anything finer?

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