Alpine Après Ski

Location: Dante Italian Kitchen, 151 Ashley Rd, Hale, WA14 2UW

Date: 23rd January 2020

Time: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Price: £39 per person


Join Club Vino for an Alpine tour of wines and winemakers in the high-mountain passes of the Alps, where lie hidden treasures of extreme viticulture and exquisite wines. Marco will guide you to new growers and producers, learning about altitude, terroir, and history.

Discover 6 softly beautiful acidic whites from Austria, intensely aromatic Nebbiolo reds from Italy and unsung heroes from the Jura, France. Kick off your skis and settle in…
Après Ski literally means – after ski – and in the Alps this is how they relax after a hard day on the slopes. 

We don’t have the mountains in Hale, but we certainly have good wines and a great excuse to party! 

What you can expect:

Welcome drink

7 glasses of wines
A perfectly paired charcuterie board created by Lorenzo, Dante’s Head Chef. 
Informative tasting notes
A fun and engaging quiz session at the end
A prize for the winner!

What you will learn:

The key regions of Alpine wines and their histories
Key facts about Alpine wines with regards to taste and climate
Distinguishing characteristics of Alpine wines. 
What wines to look for on a menu
Insight into Club Vino’s unique tasting experiences, discovering wines from different regions, nations and winemakers.


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