A Champagne Supernova

Location: King Street Townhouse, 10 Booth Street, M2 4AW

Date: Friday 27th March 2020

Time: 18.30 pm – 21.30 pm

Price: £95 per person


At Club Vino we absolutely love Champagne. There is no other product in the world which can seduce, beguile, promote and inspire you like a glass of well-made Champagne. We are teeming with excitement about our experience: A CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA!

This experience will detail the major grapes, styles, important vintages and winemakers which have made this region so important. If you are familiar with names such as Möet & Chandon and Laurent Perrier, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge.

What makes Champagne so great? Besides the fact that it taste so good and has bubbles, it carries the distinction of being one of the most complex and time consuming beverages in the world to produce.

Each step is measured and metered, and every process has been written about and debated for generations, resulting in the single highest minimum production standards of any beverage in the world. In this class we will dive in to the major regions and the complex production methods it takes to get from the vineyard to glass. You will learn terms like Blanc de Blancs, liqueurs d’expedition and dosage. We will taste every style this area produces and learn what makes this wine so special.

An amazing three course lunch will be served during the event.

Come and join us for A CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA and unlock the mysteries to this incredible region.

The evening includes:

  • 6 different style of Champagne
  • 3 course menu at the beautiful King Street Townhouse
  • Tasting Notes
  • Fun and engaging quiz session at the end
  • Prize for the winner

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