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How COVID-19 has changed the UK attitude to wine

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For many of us, the peak of lockdown was a very mundane time. The whole nation was left with no choice but to spend their evenings and weekends stuck inside. It comes as no surprise that one in three adults began drinking more alcohol during the first lockdown. Because what else was there to do? Let’s take a look at how the UK’s attitude to wine has changed after lockdown.

What happened in lockdown?

One thing we began to see more of during lockdown were wine delivery services. More companies were offering consumers subscription-based packages with wine tasting kits being the second most adopted service by retailers during lockdown. One study found 82% of retailers believe this shift in buying behaviour was down to shoppers utilising a safe and convenient way to shop. Why go to the wine when the wine came come to you?

Sipping boutique wines has become a lot more widely accepted by a lot of us now. No longer is it viewed as such a pompous past time. With millennials now drinking more wine than any other generation, gone are the days when decent bottles were only accessible to the elite. This is partly down to an increasing number of brands helping to bridge this gap between affordability and flavour. It has now become more trendy to learn about different regions, tasting notes and the origin, with more people than ever getting a thirst to learn about the wine they drink. An increasing number of people from all demographics are now happier At Club Vino, we’re passionate about the story behind every bottle so, to see others adopt this attitude to wine is wonderful.

The curiosity about wine has always been there. But until people were stuck at home, there wasn’t the time or a means for people to learn about it. Lockdown provided people with the perfect opportunity to learn and explore new things. Virtual Events have also helped to broaden the appeal to more demographics, such as younger people. These events tell the backstory of the producers and the process that goes into growing and making the wine in an accessible online format.

Attitude to wine, moving forward

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see whether the pandemic’s caused a permanent shift in people’s attitude to wine. An increasing number of people from all walks of life are now passionate about the story behind each bottle. Whether we see this continue, time will tell. But for now, we’re just enjoying the ride. There are a solid selection of companies offering wine delivery services, BIB wines have a great selection of boxed wine available. Alternatively, the Online Wine Tasting Club have a delicious range of cartoned wines on offer. If however, you prefer a more traditional glass bottle to open throughout the week, then Club Vino have you covered. Feel free to check out our available bundles now.

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