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California Dreaming

California Dreaming.

As every Mancunian knows, even when the sun is shining it’s usually best to pack a brolly or a waterproof of some kind! Whilst you can’t count on a Californian Summer, you can warm yourself as you step back in time to 1976 – still the hottest UK summer on record – and hear the story of a very unexpected and shocking wine discovery that took place that year.

A very bold British Sommelier, Steven Spurrier was to make wine-tasting history. He had discovered a superb Chardonnay produced in the Napa Valley winery and wanted to shake things up by challenging the Paris wine elite. At the 1976 “Jugement de Paris” (The ultimate wine tasting competition, filled with stubbornly patriotic Parisians), and Steven suggested the judges tasted the wines blindfolded

In a true clash of the Old World and the new, this New World wine went on to win that year’s Chardonnay tasting – beating every French competitor! 

This sent shockwaves around the industry and established Napa Valley on the wine-tasting map – it now draws over 5 million visitors a year – second only to Disneyland.

A thirsty, struggling vine produces the best wine. If it wants to delight your palate it can’t just sit there sipping water, it has to struggle — just like California’s struggle for acknowledgment. The vines have done all the hard work – all you have to do is taste them & judge for yourself.

One of our signature tastings, “California Dreaming” really will warm you, no matter what the weather outside! Join us for a date night, bring an important client, a wine-loving friend, or just bring yourself – and your brolly just in case! 

Booking early is advised, as our events sell out. 

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