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A sensational evening at The Spinn with TV’s Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas, you may know him better as Waterloo Road’s Donte Charles, or maybe even Emmerdale’s Adam Barton? It was BC (before Covid) that Adam first reached out to Club Vino, when he expressed an interest in putting a night on with Marco at The Spinn. Fast forward almost 2 years down the line and we were finally able to make this happen.

The night at The Spinn as it happened

It was a rather grey Wednesday evening in Gatley, Manchester. Several clouds cluttered the sky as event goers gathered upstairs at the Spinn’s bar. But, nobody was letting the soupy weather put a dampener on their spirits for the night ahead. The clock struck 7 as people from all walks of life began to make their way down the metal staircase. Greeted by a warm pink neon glow and a whole host of ambience, the venue had done an outstanding job preparing the space for an evening of wine-fuelled fun.

The Spinn
The stage is set, just missing the guests.

The Spinn Starters

On entry, guests were given a handpicked Apéritif. Marco chose a bottle of Ca’ Bolani Prosecco to get the party started. The sound of clinking of glasses and strangers coming together as things got going was most welcomed. With the smell of excitement and candle wax floating through the air, the guests sipped their Apéritif and out came the starters. To pair with the starters, Marco had chosen white wine. Being served was a 2018 bottle of Larchago Rioja Blanco from Spain. Marco talked guests through the story behind the bottle as well as teaching us of properties such as the minerality.


Before the main courses came out, 3 empty glasses were placed in front of each guest. Marco provided guests with glass markers, explaining which glass was for which drop. Included in the reds was: a 2015 bottle of Aves del Sur Merlot Reserva from Chile; a 2016 bottle Demuerte Monastrell from Spain and a 2016 bottle of Zinfandel McManis from California. Guests watched as Marco spoke passionately about the wines, whilst the main courses were served. Laughter, chat and the clinking of glasses echoed around the room, the evening was in full swing.

Deserts & Goodbyes

Before desert was served, Marco pulled out a bottle of Noval 10yo Tawny Port. The Port was served chilled which some guests had not seen before, but it’s safe to say they weren’t disappointed. The Tawny Port made perfect accompaniment for desert. Of course, no Club Vino night would be complete without a quiz to finish things off. Fastest finger first- the winner was able to choose a bottle of their favourite wine from the evening to take home.

Marco ending the event at the Spinn with a quiz.
Marco finishes things with an interactive quiz.

Just like that, it was 10pm. The past 3 hours had flown by. Many people had gained a couple friends in the time gone by at The Spinn. Conversations of all kinds were had over a great selection of wine, with Marco getting a series of applauds from guests throughout the course of the evening.

The night proved to be yet another triumphant event for all involved. Marco says “It was a pleasure to be back hosting Wine Tasting Events in person after we’ve all had so long apart. To be able to see all kind of meaningful conversations happen between strangers over a carefully selected selection of wines was amazing. This paired with a great atmosphere and friendly crowd made for a really special evening. I’d also like to thank the wonderful staff for helping everything run so smoothly”

If you’d like to get in touch about putting an event on with us then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. We also offer both Virtual Events and Home Wine Tasting Bundles to suit your needs!

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